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How Canadians can get back the taxes on their U ... Winnipeg firm no longer doing gambling tax refunds. ... He and his wife won’t be headed to a Canadian casino ...

It pays to file return to recoup taxes on U.S. gambling ... It pays to file return to recoup taxes on U.S. gambling proceeds ... roulette and the "Big 6" wheel are exempt from tax in the United States. If you happen to receive winnings from one of these ... Get Tax Back With RMS Gaming & Casino Tax Refund Services Claiming Gaming & Casino Tax Refunds for Over 20 Years. We’ve been claiming gaming and casino tax refunds since 1996. We are Canada’s longest standing withholding tax refund agency. Owned and operated by a Canadian Chartered Accountant, we are also Canada’s top choice for gaming and casino tax refunds. Recover your taxes | Gambling Taxes You won money or prizes in the United States and want to claim back the taxes paid? Fill this form and take advantage of our totally free consultation. We charge you only when you get your refund from the IRS. The Canada-US Tax Treaty - ust

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About USTR. If you are not a US resident, and have won money in a legal casino in the United States, chances are that you’ve had up to 30% of those winnings withheld for the US gambling winnings tax. Contact US Tax Recovery today. Our specialists are on hand to answer your questions, determine if you’re eligible for a casino tax refund,... Casino Tax Refund Service For Canadians - Us Tax Recovery US Tax Recovery is a withholding tax recovery service that specializes in casino tax recovery on behalf of Canadians and other non-US citizens. Each year, millions of visitors to the United States win money in legal casinos, and find themselves having to pay a 30% withholding tax on these winnings.

Q ­ I'm a Canadian citizen who likes to make occasional trips to casinos in the U.S. Recently, I won $12,856 at keno. The casino withheld 30 percent of my winnings for U.S. income tax, and didn't allow for the fact that I was down $300 on the day and had the tickets to prove it. Someone at the ...

Casino Tax Recovery - Casino Tax Rebate Casino Tax Rebate offers Casino Tax Refund services for Canadians and other non-US Residents. We help Canadians and other International visitors to the USA recover the federal tax withheld on USA gambling winnings. Us Tax Services-Ajax Accounting

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