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What are all these Inventory functions and slots ... There are many different types of inventory slots in MapleStory 2, and many actions that can be performed from within your inventory itself. There are 12 different inventory tabs for MapleStory 2: Gear - For armor, accessories, and weapons that can be equipped. Outfits - Cosmetic items and fashion pieces are located here. Is there a way to increase space in your inventory/bank ... ^That. They sell lots of 4 slots, for storage, Equip, Use, Setup and Etc, and each lot costs 4k NX ($4 USD). If you want to save money, I'd recommend you to make a mule. If you don't have more room to create one, buy an extra character slot (costs 6.9k NX), it's cheaper and better. BasilMarket Slots in your inventory. thread Inventory slots, not Character Slots. When you job advance, you are given extra slots depending on your job. For example, way back when, I noticed that Rogues get 4 more spaces of USE Inventory space as opposed to Mages, who get none.[/quote] Im pretty certain it depends on your job. like a sin and bowman have extra use slots compared to a warrior

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Hi i was wondering how would i get rid of empty inventory slot. I did use the MenuI did use the Menu: Check num slot and that works on one slot but i'm trying to do when inventory is removed then check for inventory slot 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 then remove the slot. MapleSecrets - IMBA and CRAZY RICH MapleSEA Legend : … 10:24 How to Make Mesos on Maplestory Fast. These are the top ways of making money quick andSo how do we structure our inventory around our target market? In my experience, the best bigSo you’ve finally gotten your mom to buy that Nexon/@ Cash Card for you. It’s time to make some REAL...

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So if you’re, let’s say, a Rank 5 character, you will have 5 Monster Cards slots available to you in your inventory. Cash Trades or Transfers in Reboot - we need a system where we can, in Reboot put up the cash items for a swap of some sort. Either through classic Maplestory Mesos for clothes or for the clothes for clothes swap.

U can now buy slots in reward points shop. Also u can get equip, use and setup slots if u do friendstory. U can reset friendstory once a week when u completed all 6 chapters. Not recommended if you don't have the patience since it does take 4-6 hours to complete all 6 chapters in a day.

Maplestory 2 Walkthrough and Guide Pet Farming Guide. ... (only place to get this other than Black Market) ... but rather look cute and provide some extra inventory slots. Official MapleStory 2 Website - You get 30 days of access to your player shop where you can sell stuff, bigger player house, access to doing 40 quests at once as opposed to 20, and more inventory slots. You can also use cash to try your luck for cosmetics. You get to buy potions that give you bonus exp, but that's it. Maplestory Evolution System Core Slots - Rewind : Attack maplestory evolution system core slots Range is online gambling allowed in maryland increased. Mobs drop two bags, countrylink timetable casino to sydney but the map is very maplestory evolution system core slots misshapen. Cannoneer: (If you are level 200 or higher, any monsters level 190 or higher will count).